Saturday, 10 December 2016

Everything is Capoeira

Visited Alemar Capoeira Bucharest yesterday for their roda de angola session. Had a grand time. The roda is a bit of home anywhere in the world.

I have a habit of meditating and reflecting in the roda. The music and the axe puts me into a bit of a trance sometimes. Often it takes me back to Battersea and Chelsea in 2006, when I first started training.

Everything is capoeira. Reflecting recent on learning statistics made me think how much it is like learning capoeira. I suppose there are (at least) two ways of learning something new - one would be "understanding" it by connecting it to something you already know, building on that knowledge, those fundamentals, and making sense of it as things fall into place. The other way would be "accepting" it. It is a new idea, it does not bear too much resemblance to much that you have done before. You get used to the idea. It becomes, in time, a foundation itself for new learning. After more time, it becomes old hat, second nature. This second way is how I felt towards learning statistics nearly two decades ago. It is how I felt towards learning the language of capoeira a little over a decade ago. Today, much of the basic movements and sequences don't take much thought on their own and I can instead think about when I would use them, or how improvise on them, or how to counter-attack someone using them.

QOTN: "The pandeiro is for making music. Not for making noise." - Professor Minhoca Alemar

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