Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Last night in Ubud

It's actually my last night in Ubud (for a bit) and I've been feeling a little down about it all day. Just a week ago, I was totally over Ubud and looking forward to moving on. (Isn't that always the way.) So what's changed?

Well, a week ago, my partner in crime drinking Bintangs until we got chucked out of bars, Indy, left town. At the same time, I hadn't really worked out a good work-life balance and there didn't really seem to be anyone friendly at Hubud.

Indy's inadvertent parting gift was to use up the rest of his pre-paid classes at the Yoga Barn, so I was able to attend capoeira and reunite with the lovely folk of the Ubud capoeira community (and some surprise guests from Jakarta!) I've also been attending various yoga classes, including Yin Yoga (as recommended by capoeira and yoga instructor Madeira to help with my injuries) and Restorative Yoga. All pretty good fun. Thanks Indy, it's a great gift! :)

Aside from Yoga and capoeira (best for life balancing), I've also discovered a whole bunch of cafes and bars and hang out places that I'd like to check out or work out of! And haven't really gotten round to doing!

On top of that, I've just met a couple of new people at Hubud who seem interesting AND interested, i.e. willing to share their time with me for me to learn more. Just hasn't been enough time to interrogate them!

The good news is that when I return to Ubud in a couple of weeks, Charlotte will be here (YAY!) so we can check out some of these cool hang out places together. :)

For those of you who miss my face (and even those who don't), below is what I look like wearing a red t-shirt immediately after devouring a Ubud raw chocolate mint and goji berry chocolate bar.